Sand Dollar Beach is located along the Big Sur Coast, only a few hours drive north of Ventura, sixty miles north of San Luis Obispo. This beach is the longest stretch of sand along the Big Sur coastline and is a beautiful place to hike and surf. Because it is sheltered from the wind, it is a popular destination on coastal windy days. Summertime highs are usually in the 70’s at this beach and in the 50’s in the winter.

Once parked and paid ($5 parking fee), notice that there is a short overlook trail with an amazing view of Sand Dollar Beach’s coastline. Also, head down to the beach on a different trail following switchbacks to a staircase at the bottom. A third direction on the trail will lead you on a mellow three quarter mile walk along the bluff trail. The path is maintained part of the way, but poison oak and trail erosion can make the second half of the walk difficult. If you do continue on the trail, note that it loops around to the highway, but not all the way to the parking lot.

Additional hiking trails in the area are described very well by the Lucia Lodge. Take a look at this link for additional hiking spots and places to explore near Sand Dollar Beach. Lucia Lodge

Also, there is a campground across Highway 1, called Plaskett Campground, with 44 sites. Here’s a link to’s campground information for Plaskett Campground: Plaskett Campground

The Big Sur Coast is full of beautiful spots to explore. Sand Dollar Beach is one of many, but definitely one to put on the list!