When considering insect repellent for your trip, choose the most appropriate ingredients.  DEET does the best job of keeping insects from biting.  It is a chemical considered safe for humans, but studies have shown that products containing high concentrations of DEET have been known to melt synthetic clothing and take the paint off cars.  If you will be in a region where avoiding an insect bit is crucial, we recommend you spread a highly concentrated DEET product on the cotton clothing you are wearing instead of your skin.  As a general rule, children should not be exposed to a product with any higher concentration than 10% DEET.  Alternatives to DEET include natural repellents containing ingredients like citronella.  We have found that natural insect repellents are effective, but must be applied more often than a DEET-based repellent.  Another option is to wear clothing with Insect Shield impregnated into the fabric.  This is a great way to keep the bugs away.