Submitted By: Jeffrey Scott Hanssen

Total round trip distance for this loop is 29 miles. This is probably one of those “never again” trips for me because it was a rather grueling climb for 11 miles at the start, though it was pretty much all downhill after that. The first half of the loop is on Sulfur Mountain recreation trail. Most people drive to the top on the east end (upper parking area) and ride downhill 10 miles to where I started this trip. It’s a beautiful ride, especially now, as the hills are very green. There are great views of Ojai, mountains, and the ocean/islands in the distance. The return part of the trip is on highway 150 to Ojai, where I picked up the Ojai Bike Trail to return to my starting point. Had lunch at Bocalli’s on the way. There are over 50 geocaches on the Sulfur Mountain trail. I found 18 of them, but had to quit looking because it was taking too much time. All in all, a great day, but I’m sore.

Tips: Enter Sulfur Mtn. Rd. just after passing through Casitas Springs. Drive about 1/4 mile to parking area at a locked gate. For a much easier trip, park at the locked gate on top of the mountain (take Sulfur Mtn. Rd. from the Upper Ojai Valley), and ride downhill to the gate by Casitas Springs. Of course, you will have to use two cars (one at top and one at bottom) to accomplish this.

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