This is a great little 3-mile hike with a fantastic reward halfway through – a bench at the top of a hill with wonderful views and always a cooling breeze. My friends Jane and Becca made this hike with me using two cars, one at the Oak Creek trailhead where we started the hike, and one at the Las Padres trailhead (on Las Padres Dr., just off Moorpark Rd.), where we ended the hike. Doing this avoids having to walk the approximately 3/4-mile through a residential section to finish the hike. Not that it’s so bad to walk through the residential section, but I find it detracts from the experience of hiking away from “civilization.”

To get to the Oak Creek trailhead, take Moorpark Rd. south to the end, turn right on Greenmeadow Ave. Follow Greenmeadow until you come to a parking area and a little park. On the way up Moorpark Rd., you will pass Las Padres Dr. If you turn left here, you will come to the Las Padres trailhead on the right, after a few hundred feet.

Submitted by: Jeffrey Scott Hanssen
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