Channel islands Park Foundation is excited to host an evening with Ms Petra Deimer, award winning marine conservationist,  adviser to the International Whaling Commission and President of the Society for the Conservation of Marine Mammals.  Ms Deimer has devoted her adult life to animal advocacy, experiencing first-hand how conservation efforts can make a difference in the outlook for global whale populations, while at the same time providing sustainable economies for human communities.
Petra’s life was molded to protecting whales through an experience 25 years ago when she accompanied local whalers from the coast of Madeira during work on her thesis on sperm whales.  This very businesslike, very bloody destruction of whales awoke in her a storm of emotions that have yet to diminish.  The consequences of this experience, leading her to become a professional whale conservationist, will be discussed during A Whale’s Tale: The Case for Conservation.
Hunted to the brink of extinction for meat, oil or mere sport, whales exist in the shadows between land and sea.  Seeking safety in the deep oceans but driven to shallow water and the domain of man for life sustaining air, these playful and intelligent creatures need our commitment to conservation if they are to survive.
Benefiting Channel Islands Park Foundation, tickets for this special evening at $25 and include appetizers and beverage service.  Limited complimentary parking in designated lot at CSU Channel Islands campus.  A no host bar will be available.  For complete information and to purchase tickets